Affiliate Programs

About Affiliate Programs

Marijuana Industry Affiliate Programs pay Commission on Referrals.

This is an easy way to make money in the marijuana industry with no money invested. Promote Affiliates & Earn Cash. It’s That Simple.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

What Are Marijuana Affiliate Programs?

Many companies doing business in the legal marijuana industry have referral programs (affiliate programs) that pay you a commission when you refer someone to their website and they make a purchase or join.

There are several types of marijuana businesses offering affiliate referral programs. Including:

  • Marijuana Seed Banks
  • Marijuana Cryptocurrencies
  • Marijuana Education (Budtender & Grow Classes)
  • Marijuana Grow Lights & Equipment
  • Marijuana Dispensaries & Delivery Services
  • Smoker Supplies (Pipes, Bongs, Smoker accessories)

How Can You Earn Money?

Webmasters & Bloggers add text links & banner ads to your website or a link in your Newsletter.

No website? Anyone can promote on their social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter)

Affiliate Program Directory

Marijuana Seed Banks

  1. Seedsman– 2 tier affiliate program pays 15% commission, 5% tier 2
  2. Crop King – 20% Commission
  3. Marijuana-Seeds NL
  4. Sensi Seeds
  5. Paradise Seeds
  6. Seed City
  7. I Love Growing Marijuana
  8. DrSeeds – Canadian seedbank, – 10% Commission

Marijuana Education

  1. Cannabis Training University – up to 40% Commission
  2. How To Grow Weed 420

Marijuana Grow Equipment

  1. Dealzer
  2. No2
  3. No3
  4. No4

Marijuana Smoking Supplies – Pipes, Bongs

  1. Smoke Cartel – Smoke Shop, Glass Bongs – 12% Commission
  2. Grasscity – Smoke Shop – 10% Commission
  3. no2
  4. no3

Vaping Supplies

  1. no1
  2. noi2
  3. no3

Marijuana Cryptocurrency

  1. Budbo
  2. CryptNetCash
  3. no3

Marijuana Dispensaries & Delivery Services